Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: A Practical Identification Manual

Автор(ы):Buller N. B.
Год изд.:2004
Описание: Until now there has been no single source available for use in identifying bacterial microbes from so many diverse marine and freshwater animals. However, Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: a Practical Identification Manual now provides just such a source with global application. This practical, user-friendly identification manual will be of great value to inexperienced and experienced bacteriologists, microbiology teachers and/or students, aquatic animal health researchers or diagnosticians, as well as to workers in public health facilities or medical laboratories who work with marine and freshwater fish, birds, mammals, molluscs, shellfish, reptiles or amphibians. Aided by numerous tables and colour figures the author discusses conventional bacterial identification procedures, commercially available data-based identification kits, molecularly based PCR and 16S rDNA sequencing, thus providing utility to a broad scientific sector. In this single volume one can find biochemical, biophysical and molecular characteristics of nearly 400 species of aquatic bacteria, media on which they are cultured and a brief discussion of many diseases with which they are associated. Assembling this manual was a monumental task and its author, Nicky B. Buller, is to be highly commended for providing this invaluable addition to aquatic microbiology.
Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: A Practical Identification Manual — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
1 Aquatic Animal Species and Organism Relationship [1]
  1.1 Host Species, Bacteria and Disease [1]
  1.2 Bacterial Diseases [1]
  1.3 Bacteria and Relationship to Host [37]
  1.4 Taxonomy and Disease Status of Bacteria [75]
2 Bacteriological Culture Techniques: Microscopy, Culture and Identification [83]
  2.1 Specimen Collection and Submission [84]
  2.2 Culture and Incubation [85]
  2.3 Examination of Culture Plates [85]
  2.4 Biochemical Identification Tests [114]
  2.5 Inoculation of Biochemical Identification Sets [115]
  2.6 API Identification Systems [116]
3 Interpretation of Biochemical Identification Tests and Sets [117]
  3.1 Conventional Media: 'Biochem Set' [117]
  3.2 Identification Tests and their Interpretation [117]
  3.3 Using the Biochemical Identification Tables [123]
  3.4 Interpretation and Identification of Genera and Species [123]
  3.5 Antisera Available [136]
4 Biochemical Identification Tables [137]
  4.1 Results for Conventional Biochemical Tests -'Biochem Set' [137]
  4.2 Results for API Kits [138]
5 Technical Methods [222]
  5.1 Total Bacterial Count (TBC) [222]
  5.2 Microscopy [224]
  5.3 Storage of Isolates [224]
6 Techniques for the Molecular Identification of Bacteria [225]
  6.1 Molecular Identification by PCR Using Specific Primers [225]
  6.2 PCR Protocols [234]
  6.3 Molecular Identification by 16S rDNA Sequencing [236]
  6.4 Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) [242]
7 Preparation of Media for Culture and Identification [244]
  7.1 General Isolation and Selective Media [244]
  7.2 Biochemical Test Media [261]
Further Reading and Other Information Sources [278]
Appendix: Common Name and Scientific Name of Aquatic Animals [281]
Glossary of Terms [287]
References [292]
Index [329]
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