Biostatistical Methods

Автор(ы):Looney W. Stephen
Год изд.:2002
Описание: From the author: «In «Biostatistical Methods», we have attempted to provide a representative sample of applications of biostatistics to commonly occurring problems in molecular biology, broadly defined. It has been our intent to provide sufficient background information and detail that readers might carry out similar analyses themselves, given sufficient experience in both biostatistics and the basic sciences. Not every chapter could be written at an introductory level, since, by their nature, many statistical methods presented in this book are at a more advanced level and require knowledge and experience beyond an introductory course in statistics. Similarly, the proper application of many of these statistical methods to problems in molecular biology also requires that the statistical analyst have extensive knowledge about the particular area of scientific inquiry. Nevertheless, we feel that these chapters at least provide a good starting point, both for statisticians who want to begin work on problems in molecular biology, and for molecular biologists who want to increase their working knowledge of biostatistics as it relates to their field.»
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1 Statistical Contributions to Molecular Biology
  Emmanuel N. Lazaridis and Gregory C. Bloom [1]
2 Linking Image Quantitation and Data Analysis
  Gregory C. Bloom, Peter Gieser, and Emmanuel N. Lazaridis [15]
3 Introduction to Microarray Experimentation and Analysis
  Peter Gieser, Gregory C. Bloom, and Emmanuel N. Lazaridis [29]
4 Statistical Methods for Proteomics
  Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, Donald C. Trost, and Julian Moiseiwitsch [51]
5 Statistical Methods for Assessing Biomarkers
  Stephen W. Looney [81]
6 Power and Sample Size Considerations in Molecular Biology
  L. Jane Goldsmith [111]
7 Models for Determining Genetic Susceptibility and Predicting Outcome
  Peter W. Jones, Richard C. Strange, Sud Ramachandran, and Anthony Fryer [131]
8 Multiple Tests for Genetic Effects in Association Studies
  Peter H. Westfall, Dmitri V. Zaykin, and S. Stanley Young [143]
9 Statistical Considerations in Assessing Molecular Markers for Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Efficacy
  James Dignam, John Bryant, and Soonmyung Paik [169]
10 Power of the Rank Test for Multi-Strata Case-Control Studies with Ordinal Exposure Variables
  Grzegorz A. Rempala and Stephen W. Looney [191]
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