Calculating the Secrets of Life. Applications of the Mathematical Sciences in Molecular Biology

Автор(ы):Lander S.
Год изд.:1995
Описание: Molecular biology represents one of the greatest intellectual syntheses in the twentieth century. It has fused the traditional disciplines of genetics and biochemistry into an agent for understanding virtually any problem in biology or medicine. Moreover, it has produced a set of powerful techniques—called recombinant DNA technology—applicable to fundamental research and to biological engineering. This book of signed chapters is the result of some three years of effort to create a product that would be interesting and accessible to both mathematicians and biologists. The book is not intended as a textbook, but rather as an introduction and an invitation to learn more. Each chapter aims to describe an important biological problem to which mathematical methods have made a significant contribution. As the examples make clear, mathematical and statistical issues have contributed key insights and advances to molecular biology, and, conversely, molecular biology has posed new challenges in the mathematical sciences. The book highlights those areas of the mathematical, statistical, and computational sciences that are important in cutting-edge research in molecular biology. It also tries to illustrate to the molecular biology community the role of mathematical methodologies in solving biomolecular problems.
Calculating the Secrets of Life. Applications of the Mathematical Sciences in Molecular Biology — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
1 The Secrets of Life: A Mathematician's Introduction to Molecular Biology [1]
  Eric S. Lander and Michael S. Waterman
2 Mapping Heredity: Using Probabilistic Models and Algorithms to Map Genes and Genomes [25]
  Eric S. Lander
3 Seeing Conserved Signals: Using Algorithms to Detect Similarities Between Biosequences [56]
  Eugene W. Myers
4 Hearing Distant Echoes: Using Extremal Statistics to Probe Evolutionary Origins [90]
  Michael S. Waterman
5 Calibrating the Clock: Using Stochastic Processes to Measure the Rate of Evolution [114]
  Simon Tavare
6 Winding the Double Helix: Using Geometry, Topology, and Mechanics of DNA [153]
  James H. White
7 Unwinding the Double Helix: Using Differential Mechanics to Probe Conformational Changes in DNA [179]
  Craig J. Benham
8 Lifting the Curtain: Using Topology to Probe the Hidden Action of Enzymes [202]
  DeWitt Sumners
9 Folding the Sheets: Using Computational Methods to Predict the Structure of Proteins [236]
  Fred E. Cohen
Appendix: Chapter Authors [272]
Index [277]
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