The Century of the Gene

Автор(ы):Keller E. F.
Год изд.:2000
Описание: The aim of this book is to celebrate the surprising effects that the successes of this project have had on biological thought. Contrary to all expectations, instead of lending support to the familiar notions of genetic determinism that have acquired so powerful grip on the popular imagination, these successes pose critical challenges to such notions. Today, the prominence of genes in both the general media and the scientific press suggests that in this new science of genomics, twentieth-century genetics has achieved its apotheosis. Yet, the very successes that have so stirred our imagination have also radically undermined their core driving concept, the concept of the gene. As the HGP nears the realization of its goals, biologists have begun to recognize that those goals represent not an end the beginnings of a new era of biology.
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Introduction: The Life of a Powerful Word [i] 1. Motors of Stasis and Change: The Regulation of Generic Stability [ii] 2. The Meaning of Gene Function: What Does a Gene Do? [45] 3. The Concept of a Genetic Program: How to Make an Organism [73] 4. Limits of Genetic Analysis: What Keeps Development on Track? [103] Conclusion: What Are Genes For? [133] Notes [151] References [169] Acknowledgments [183] Index [184]
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