Thr Biochemistry of Cell Signalling

Автор(ы):Helmreich J. M.
Год изд.:2001
Описание: This book is adressed to all who are curious and who want to understand fundamental biological processes that ensure our survival. The person who might be interested is probably someone just starting research who wants to learn about aspects of regulation, outside his chosen field. It could become a supplementary text for graduate students and post-docs in biochemistry and molecular biology, and for joint PhD-MD programmes. But also a physician who wants to understand the molecular aetiology of the many diseases that are the consequence of regulatory disorders, and the chemist who wants to learn about cellular regulation to find agents to treat related diseases, might also profit from this book.
Thr Biochemistry of Cell Signalling — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
Part 1 The machinery of signal transduction [1]
  1 Molecular basis of signal transduction [3]
  2 Activation of receptors by oligomerization [24]
  3 Components of signalling networks: linkers and regulators [31]
  4 Signal transduction pathways through small monomeric G proteins [57]
  5 Signal transduction pathways through heterotrimeric G proteins: transmission of hormonal and sensory signals 76
  6 Signal transduction pathways controlling morphogenesis and haematopoiesis [102]
  7 Control of signalling by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation [122]
  8 Regulation by a hormone: the insulin response [137]
Part 2 Cell signalling and gene transcription [155]
  9 Machinery of gene transcription [157]
  10 Regulation of gene transcription by growth factors and cytokines [172]
  11 Regulation of gene transcription by hormones [190]
Part 3 Global cell regulatory programmes [211]
  12 Regulation of the cell cycle [213]
  13 Regulation of cell death [234]
  14 Regulation of the immune response [250]
Part 4 Loss of the regulatory control and its consequences [267]
  15 Transformation of normal cells to tumour cells [269]
  16 Loss of developmental controls in cancer [284]
  17 The causes of cancer [294]
Glossary [303]
Index [323]
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