The hot brain

Автор(ы):Gisolfi C.V., Mora F.
Год изд.:2000
Описание: Numerous questions arose in preparing this book, many of which have been raised by others in the past. For instance, why do humans regulate brain temperature at 37°C and not 20°C or 40°C? Can humans really acclimatize to the cold? Do fevers really need to be lowered, or do they have survival value? Does exercise training enable us to cope better with environmental stresses? Does it provide a measure of protection against heat stroke? Do older people lose their capacity to cope with environmental extremes, or are they just unfit? How is it possible for a 2°C rise in brain temperature during fever to cause shivering, whereas the same 2°C rise in brain temperature produced by exercise causes sweating? Can humans cool their brain below their body temperature as many other mammals can? Does this protect the brain from overheating? Is it a "hot brain" that causes us to stop exercising? The answers to some of these questions are controversial. The author presents the facts and its views.
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Preface [x]
Acknowledgement [xi]
1 In the Beginning [1]
2 Evolution and the Control of Body Temperature as a Mechanism for Survival [14]
3 The Mechanism of Our Environmental Independence: Bilding Circuits and Chemicals in the Brain [49]
4 More About the Brain and Temperature [77]
5 What's So Important About a Body Temperature of 37°C? [94]
6 From Siberia to Africa: Understanding the Extremes [120]
7 The Burning Brain [155]
8 Fever, Survival, and Death [190]
9 Temperature and the Struggle for Life [217]
10 The Brain is the Body: A Unitary Perspective on Thermoregulation [234]
References [245]
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