Schaum's Easy Outline Molecular and Cell Biology

Автор(ы):Stansfield W.
Год изд.:2003
Описание: What could be better than the bestselling Schaum's Outline series? For students looking for a quick nuts-and-bolts overview, it would have to be Schaum's Easy Outline series. Every book in this series is a pared-down, simplified, and tightly focused version of its bigger predecessor. With an emphasis on clarity and brevity, each new title features a streamlined and updated format and the absolute essence of the subject, presented in a concise and readily understandable form. Graphic elements such as sidebars, reader-alert icons, and boxed highlights feature selected points from the text, illuminate keys to learning, and give students quick pointers to the essentials.
Schaum's Easy Outline Molecular and Cell Biology — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
Chapter 1 Cells [1]
Chapter 2 Biomolecules [18]
Chapter 3 Chromosomes [30]
Chapter 4 Transcription and Gene Regulation [41]
Chapter 5 Translation [53]
Chapter 6 Mutations [60]
Chapter 7 Bacterial Genetics and Bacteriophages [67]
Chapter 8 Recombinant DNA Technology [73]
Chapter 9 Nucleic Acid Manipulations [81]
Chapter 10 Eukaryotic Viruses [90]
Chapter 11 Cell Communication [98]
Chapter 12 Molecular Evolution [105]
Index [118]
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