Visual Illusion? (Mather G.)

Visual Illusion?

Автор(ы):Mather G.
Описание: This book is concerned with a visual illusion that is without doubt one of the most striking phenomena known to vision science. It is generally known as the motion aftereffect (MAE), and refers to the illusory movement of a physically stationary scene following exposure to visual motion. For example, if one stares for a while at a stationary point while a textured pattern drifts across the field of view (e.g., a rock located in the middle of a waterfall), then for a short while after the movement stops, or after one's gaze is transferred to a stationary pattern (e.g., the scenery surrounding the waterfall), apparent movement is seen in the direction opposite to the previous motion. Despite the apparent simplicity of the phenomenon, careful and detailed research over many years has revealed a surprising degree of complexity in the underlying mechanisms, and has taught some general and important lessons about how visual information is processed by the brain.
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