Introduction to plasma physics (Fitzpatrick R.)

Introduction to plasma physics

Автор(ы):Fitzpatrick R.
Год изд.:1998
Описание: Structured systems have binding energies larger than the ambient thermal energy. Placed in a sufficiently hot environment, they decompose: e.g., crystals melt, molecules disassociate. At temperatures near or exceeding atomic ionization energies, atoms similarly decompose into negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions. These charged particles are by no means free: in fact, they are strongly affected by each others' electromagnetic fields. Nevertheless, because the charges are no longer bound, their assemblage becomes capable of collective motions of great vigor and complexity. Such an assemblage is termed a plasma. This book tells about the plasma physics.
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1 Introduction [1]
2 Charged particle motion [17]
3 Plasma fluid theory [51]
4 Waves in cold plasmas [105]
5 Magnetohydrodynamic theory [153]
6 The kinetic theory of waves [216]
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