The plaht alkaloids

Автор(ы):Henry T. A.
Год изд.:1949
Описание: In certain respects the plant alkaloids rank among the most interesting of naturally occurring substances. Many of the alkaloids are of great importance in medicine, and the manufacture of these alkaloids and of products containing them constitutes an important branch of the " fine chemical " industry. In compiling this volume the author has kept in view these various aspects of the subject, and the articles on all the more important alkaloids describe not only the properties and the chemistry of these products, but also their occurrence, methods of estimation, and physiological action. In most cases the original memoirs have been consulted, and references to these are given in footnotes, but for descriptions of the physiological action of the better-known alkaloids Professor Cushny's " Textbook of Pharmacology and Therapeutics " has been largely utilised. The chemical nomenclature and the system of abbreviations used are, with a few unimportant exceptions, those employed in the " Abstracts " published by the Chemical Society of London, with which most English-speaking chemists are familiar.
The plaht alkaloids — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
Pyridine Group. Piperine, Piperovatine, Leucenol, Mimosine, Alkaloids of Ricinus communis, Fcenugrec, Areca Nut, Hemlock, Lobelia, Tobacco (Nicotiana spp.), Anabasis aphylla, Pomegranate Root Bark [1]
Tropane Group. Solanacedus Alkaloids, Convolvine and Allied Alkaloids, Dioscorine, Alkaloids of Coca Leaves (Eryihroxylon coca) [64]
Lupinane Group. Alkaloids of the Papilionaceae: Lupinine, Lupanine, Sparteine, Anagyrine, Cytisine, Matrine and Associated Bases [116]
isoQuinoline Group. Alkaloids of Cactaceae: Mezcaline, etc [154]
Hydrastis canddensis: Hydrastine [162]
Rhoeadales [169]
Opium (Papaver somniferum): Benzyb'soquinolines; Phthalide-z'soquinolines; Morphine Sub-group, Sinomeniwm acutum. [175]
Other Papaver spp.: Rhceadine, etc. [274]
Other Papaveraceous Genera : a-Naphthaphenanthridines [277]
Corydalis and Allied Genera: Tetrahydroproioberberines; Cryptopine Sub-Group; Aporphine Sub-group [284]
Anonacese, Lauracese, Monimiacese; Anolobine, etc [317]
Berberis and Related Bases ; Berberine, Canadine, Palmatine, Coptisine, etc. [328]
Berbamine, Oxyacanthine [346]
Alkaloids of the Menispermaceae; Coclaurine, Dauricine, Magnoline, Tetrandrine, Bebeerine, etc [349]
Alkaloids of Curare; Curine, Tubocurarine, Protocuridine, Calabash-curare I, etc., including Erythrina alkaloids [371]
Alkaloids of Ipecacuanha [394]
Phenanthridine Group. Alkaloids of the Amaryllidaceae ; Lycorine, etc. [406]
Quinoline Group. Dictamnine, Skimmianine, Fagarine [413]
Alkaloids of Cusparia Bark [415]
Cinchona spp. [418]
Indole Group. Abrine, Gramme, Calycanthine [484]
Alkaloids of Peganum harmala [488]
Evodia rutcecarpa [498]
Yohimbe, Quebracho, etc. [500]
Ergot [517]
Calabar Bean [539]
Strychnosr spp [553]
Pyrrolidine Group [599]
Pyrrolizidine Group [601]
Quinazoline Group [617]
Glyoxaline Group [621]
Alkaloidal Amines [630]
Steroidal Alkaloid Group [661]
Alkaloids of Undetermined Constitution [716]
Minor Alkaloids [771]
Recorded Occurrences of Alkaloids [779]
Index [784]
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