The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

Автор(ы):Douglas Mark
Год изд.:1990
Описание: Сделай из 10000$ - 1000000$, "примени эту суперстратегию и сделай миллион!", "научи нейросеть думать за тебя!" - этому посвящено большинство книг. Тогда как истинный путь трейдера - жесткая самодисциплина. Ибо сказанно: "Emotions kills successful trading". И это правда.
The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes — обложка книги.
Part I. Introduction [1]
  1. Why I Wrote This Book [3]
  2. Why a New Thinking Methodology? [15]
Part II. The Nature of the Trading Environment from a Psychological Perspective [31]
  3. The Market Is Always Right [35]
  4. There Is Unlimited Potential for Profit and Loss [39]
  5. Prices Are in Perpetual Motion with No Defined Beginning or Ending [41]
  6. The Market Is an Unstructured Environment [49]
  7. In the Market Environment, Reasons Are Irrelevant [59]
  8. The Three Stages to Becoming a Successful Trader [65]
Part III. Building a Framework for Understanding Ourselves [79]
  9. Understanding the Nature of the Mental Environment [85]
  10. How Memories, Associations, and Beliefs Manage Environmental Information [99]
  11. Why We Need to Learn How to Adapt [121]
  12. The Dynamics of Goal Achievement [139]
  13. Managing Mental Energy [155]
  14. Techniques for Effecting Change [167]
Part IV. How to Become a Disciplined Trader [181]
  15. The Psychology of Price Movement [183]
  16. The Steps to Success [201]
  17. A Final Note [223]
Index [225]
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