Modern advances in chromatography

Автор(ы):Freitag R.
Год изд.:2002
Описание: Due to their versatility and resolution, chromatographic separations of complex mixtures of biologicals are used for many purposes in academia and industry. If anything, recent developments in the life sciences have increased the interest and need for chromatography be it for quality control, proteomics or the downstream processing of the high value products of modern biotechnology. However, the many "challenges"of present day chromatography and especially of the HPLC of biomacromolecules such as proteins, are also present in the mind of any practitioner. In fact, some of these latter were such hindrances that much research was necessary in order to overcome and circumvent them. This book introduces the reader to some of the recently proposed solutions. Capillary elec-trochromatography (CEC),for example,the latest and most promising branch of analytical chromatography, is still hindered from finding broader application by difficulties related to something as simple as the packing of a suitable column.
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1 Introduction [2]
2 Concept of Capillary Electrochromatography [3]
  2.1 Electroosmotic Flow [4]
3 CEC Instrumentation [8]
4 Column Technologies for CEC [11]
  4.1 Packed Columns [11]
    4.1.1 Packing Materials [14]
  4.2 Open-Tubular Geometry [16]
  4.3 Replaceable Separation Media [22]
  4.4 Polymer Gels [24]
  4.5 Monolithic Columns [24]
    4.5.1 “Monolithized” Packed Columns [25]
    4.5.2 In Situ Prepared Monoliths [26]
5 Separation Conditions [32]
  5.1 Mobile Phase [34]
    5.1.1 Percentage of Organic Solvent [34]
    5.1.2 Concentration and pH of Buffer Solution [36]
  5.2 Temperature [39]
  5.3 Field Strength [41]
6 Conclusions and Future Outlook [42]
7 References [43]
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