Heterocyclic Compounds with Three- and Four-membered Rings. Part Two (Emmons W. D. etc.)

Heterocyclic Compounds with Three- and Four-membered Rings. Part Two

Автор(ы):Emmons W. D. etc.
Год изд.:1964
Описание: Compounds with three and four ring members play a considerable role in the rapid and still accelerating development of heterocyclic chemistry. There are two closely related aspects of heterocyclic chemistry: the investigation of different derivatives of the respective nuclei, and that chemistry in which the nuclei themselves undergo changes. The latter aspect attains particular importance with the heterocyclic compounds with lees than five ring members, some of which belong to the most reactive compounds in organic chemistry. Consequently, these compounds are playing a role of ever Increasing importance as intermediates in reactions including polymerizations. That's what this book.
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V. Thietane end Its Derivatives. By Y. Ftienne, R. Soulas and H. Lumbraso [647]
  I. General Discussion [640]
  II. Physical Properties [666]
  III. Physicochemical Properties of Thietane and Its Derivatives [666]
  IV. Preparations of Thietanes [677]
  V. Chemical Reactivity of Thietane and Ite Derivatives [692]
  VI. Sulfoxidos, Sulfones, and Addition Compounds of Thietanes [700]
  VII. Oligomers and Polymers of Thietane [714]
  VIII. Selenetane [716]
  IX. Appendix [724]
  X. References [726]
VI. (?)-Lactones. By Y. Etienne and N. Fischer [729]
  I. General [733]
  II. Physical Proporties [737]
  III. Physicochemical Properties of the (?)-lactones [772]
  IV. Preparation of (?)-Lactanes [787]
  V. Preparation of Ketene Dimers having a (?)-Lactono Structure [802]
  VI. Reactions of the (?)-Lactones [805]
  VII. Reactions of Ketene Dimors with a (?)-Lactone Structure [830]
  VIII. (?)-Lactono Polymers [838]
  IX. Toxicity and Biological Propertjes of (?)-Lactones [844]
  X. (?)-Thiolactones [848]
  XI. References [859]
VII. Trimetbyleneimines. By James A. Moore [885]
  I. Introduction [886]
  II. Azetidines [887]
  III. Azetidinonea ((?)-Lactams) [917]
  IV. Asetidinediones [951]
  V. Derivativobof 1,2-Diazetidine [956]
  VI. Derivativee of Uretidine (1,3-Diazetidine) [960]
  VII. Other Ring Systems [960]
  VIII. Reference [970]
VIII. Four-Membered Rings Cantaining Two Heterortorns. By W. D. Emmons [978]
  I. Introduction [978]
  II. (?)-Sultones [978]
  III. 1,2-Oxazetidines [981]
  IV. References [982]
IX. Oxetanes. By Scott Searles, Jr [983]
  I. Introduction [984]
  II. Structure and Proporties of tho Oxetano Ring [985]
  III. Reactions of Oxetanes [989]
  IV. Natural Occurrence and Pharmacological Proportaes [1012]
  V. Methods of Synthesis [1014]
  VI. Oxetes [1054]
  VII. References [1060]
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