The Protein Handbook

Автор(ы):Isco, Inc.
Год изд.:1997
Описание: This handbook is designed to provide a broad range of useful information in a convenient format for the practicing biochemist. The material included has been chosen after discussions with a large number of individuals in several laboratories. The material provided in this handbook is obtained from sources that are believed to be reliable. Neither Isco, Inc. or any person acting on its behalf makes any warranty with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided herein, nor shall Isco, Inc. be liable for any damages that may arise from the use of this information.
The Protein Handbook — обложка книги.
A Principles of Biochemistry [6]
  A.1 Thermodynamic Units and Constants
  A.2 Beer-Lambert Law
  A.3 Henderson-Hasselbach Equation
  A.4 Electromagnetic Spectrum
  A.5 Units of Radioactivity Measurements
  A.6 Elementary Particles Associated with Nuclear Structure
  A.7 Radioisotopes
  A.8 Common Chemical Units
  A.9 Conversion Tables
В Biological Buffers
С Composition of Common Concentrated Acids and Bases [14]
D Molecular Weights of Common Lab Chemicals [16]
E Materials Compatibility [18]
F Detergents and Surfactants [22]
G Ammonium Sulfate Precipitation [23]
H Rejection of Data - Test for Outliers [24]
I Biochemical Abbreviations [25]
J Amino Acids [27]
  J.1 Physical Properties
  J.2 Genetic Coding For Amino Acids
К Dialysis Tubing [28]
  K.1 Dialysis Tubing Preparation
  K.2 Membrane Compatibility Table
  K.3 Capacity of Dialysis Tubing
L Protein Assays30
  L.1 Ultraviolet Methods
    L.1.1 A280 (Range: 20 - 3000 (?))
    L.1.2 A205 (Range: 1-100(?))
    L.1.3 A280/A205 (Range: 20 - 3000 (?))
  L.2 Microbiuret Method (Sensitivity: 0.1 to 4 mg)
  L.3 Biuret-Phenol Method (Lowry) Assay (Sensitivity: 10-300 (?) protein)
  L.4 Bicinchoninic acid (Smith) Protein Assay
  L.5 Coomassie® Blue (Bradford) Method (Range: 0.1-100 (?))
  L.6 Colloidal Gold Protein Method (Range: 20-640 ng)
  L.7 References
M Gel Electrophoresis/Common Stains [34]
  M.1 Amido Black (Amidoschwartz) Stain
  M.2 Coomassie® Brilliant Blue Stain
  M.3 Methylene Blue Stain
  M.4 Stains-All
  M.5 Bromphenol Blue Stain
  M.6 References
N Proteins/Physical Properties [38]
  N.1 Molecular Weight of Proteins
    N.1.2 References
  N.2 Extinction Coefficients of Proteins
    N.2.1 References
  N.3 pI of Proteins
    N.3.1 References
О Glossary of Proteins [60]
  O.1 References
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