Bioethics for Scientits

Автор(ы):Bryant John
Год изд.:2002
Описание: We can trace the origins of this book back to two sources. The first of these is the place of science and technology within wider society. Science is not value free and we take issue with those who claim that it is so. Almost every new development in biomedical science has social and/or ethical implications. Furthermore, professionals in all fields, including science, are being reminded increasingly frequently of their responsibilities, not just within their own profession but to the wider community. Those responsibilities certainly include professional codes of practice but should also embody an appropriate concern for the way that 'society' makes use of, for example, scientific discoveries and inventions. This introduces the second source of the book. It has grown out of the author work over the last 30 years: teaching undergraduates and postgraduates, involvement in adult education at different levels and engaging with high school students and other young people.
Bioethics for Scientits — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
Part I Setting the Scene [1]
  1 Introduction to Ethics and Bioethics [3]
    Michael J. Reiss (London)
  2 The Public Evaluation of Science and Technology [19]
    Barry Barnes (Exeter)
Part II Ethics and the Natural World [37]
  3 Introduction to Environmental Ethics [39]
    Christopher Southgate (Exeter)
  4 The Use of the Rainforest as a Test Case in Environmental Ethics [57]
    Christopher Southgate (Exeter)
  5 Environmental Ethics: Further Case-Studies [73]
    Christopher Southgate and Alex Aylward (Exeter)
  6 Human Use of Non-Human Animals: a Biologist's View [85]
    David de Pomerai (Nottingham)
  7 Human Use of Non-Human Animals: a Philosopher's Perspective [101]
    R G.Frey (Bowling Green)
Part III Ethical Issues in Agriculture and Food Production [113]
  8 GM Crops and Food: a Scientific Perspective [115]
    Steve Hughes and John Bryant (Exeter)
  9 Questioning GM Foods [141]
    Sue Mayer {GeneWatch, UK)
  10 The Patenting of Genes for Agricultural Biotechnology [153]
    Steve Hughes (Exeter)
  11 Crop Biotechnology and Developing Countries [171]
    Geeta Bharathan, (State University of New York, Stony Brook), Shanti Chandrashekaran (Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi), Tony May (Kingston, UK) and John Bryant (Exeter)
Part IV Ethical bsues in Biomedical Science [199]
  12 Starting Human Life: the New Reproductive Technologies [201]
    Linda Baggott la Velle (Bristol)
  13 Genetic Information: Use and Abuse [233]
    Bartha Maria Knoppers (Montreal)
  14 Human Genetics and Genetic Enhancement [241]
    Peter Turnpenny and John Bryant (Exeter)
  15 Patenting Human Genes: Ethical and Policy Issues [265]
    Audrey R. Chapman ( Washington DC)
  16 Cloning of Animals and Humans [279]
    Harry Griffin (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh)
  17 Dealingwith Death: Euthanasia and Related Issues [297]
    John Searle (Exeter)
  18 Animal Experimentation in Biomedical Research [313]
    Linda Baggott la Velle (Bristol)
Glossary [331]
Index [337]
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