Confession of a medicine man (Tauber)

Confession of a medicine man

Год изд.:1997
Описание: "Confessions of a Medicine Man seems to me like an aged cheese or bottle of wine. Begun in 1992 and put away for another five years, this essay has actually cured for decades, indeed my whole life, from earliest childhood to adulthood. The book began innocently enough as a series of anecdotes from my clinical medical practice, but soon became an autobiographical exploration of professional life, in which I have commented on my career as a physician from the perspective of philosophy. More than an opportunity for recollection, reminiscence, and reflection, in many ways this narrative refashions and synthesizes the corpus of my work over the past decade in the history and philosophy of science and medicine. Whether writing on the nineteenth-century origins of immunology, the scientific philosophy of Goethe, or the nature of reductive thinking in biology, I now see that my entire research effort has been informed and guided by a particular moral understanding. At the most obvious level, my formal scholarly efforts have attempted to erect conceptual bridges between the domains of the clinic and laboratory on the one hand and philosophy on the other. Key to that effort was my endeavor to ally seemingly disparate worldviews under a common humane banner."
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Acknowledgements [ix]
Introduction [xi]
1 Turmoil and Challenges [1]
2 The Course of Autonomy [25]
3 The Breakdown of Autonomy [49]
4 Call of the Other [71]
5 Toward a New Medical Ethic [92]
6 Metaphysical Musing [119]
Epilogue [134]
Bibliographic Notes [141]
Index [151]
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