Color atlas and textbook of human anatomy. Vol.2: internal organs

Автор(ы):Kahle W., Leonhardt H., Platzer W.
Год изд.:1986
Описание: This pocket atlas is designed to provide a plain and clear compendium of the essentral facts of human anatomy for the student of medicine. It also demonstrates the basic knowledge of the subject for students of related disciplines and for the interested layman. For all students preparation for their examinations and practice requires repetition of visual experiences. Text and illustrations in this book have been deliberately juxtaposed to provide visual demonstration of the topics of anatomy. The notes on physiology and biochemistry are deliberately brief and only serve to provide better understanding of structural details. Reference should be made to textbooks of physiology and biochemistry. Finally, it must be emphasized that no pocket atlas can replace a major textbook or the opportunity to examine macroscopic dissections and microscopic preparations. The reference list mentions textbooks and original papers as a guide to the more advanced literature, and it also cites clinical textbooks of relevance to the study of anatomy.
Color atlas and textbook of human anatomy. Vol.2: internal organs — обложка книги. Обложка книги.
  How to Use This Book [1]
Viscera [2]
Circulatory System [4]
  Heart [6]
    Shape of the Heart [6]
    Chambers of the Heart [8]
    Valves of the Heart [10]
    Cardiac Muscle [12]
    Action of the Heart [16]
    Intrinsic Impulse-Conducting System and Cardiac Nerves [18]
    Coronary Vessels [20]
    Pericardium [22]
    Position of the Heart I [24]
    Position of the Heart II [24]
    (Auscultation and Percussion) [26]
    Radiology of the Heart [28]
    Measurements of the Heart; Alterations in its Shape and Size [30]
  Blood Vessels [32]
    Tasks of the Blood Vessel Walls [32]
    Structureof the Walls of Blood Vessels [34]
    Arteries [36]
    Capillaries [40]
    Veins [42]
    Specialized Blood Vessel Formations [42]
    Lymph Vessels [44]
    Collateral Circulation [46]
    Variability of the Blood Vessels [46]
  Central or Great Vessels [48]
    Main Artery of the Body (Aorta) [48]
    Venae Cavae [50]
    Azygos System [50]
  Peripheral Pathways [52]
    Arteries of the Head and Neck [52]
    Arteries of the Neck I [52]
    Arteries of the Neck II, Facial Arteries I [54]
    Facial Arteries II [56]
    Arteries of the Brain [58]
    Veins of the Brain and Venous Sinuses of the Dura Mater I, Veins of the Vertebral Column [60]
    Venous Sinuses of the Dura Mater II [62]
    Veins of the Face and Neck [64]
    Arteries of the Shoulder and Upper Arm [66]
    Arteries of the Forearm and Hand [68]
    Arteries of the Pelvis [70]
    Arteries of the Pelvis and the Thigh [72]
    Arteries of the Leg and Foot [74]
    Subcutaneous Veins. [76]
    Superficial Lymph Vessels of the Trunk and Lymph Nodes of the Arm and Leg [78]
    Lymph Vessels (Lymph Nodes) of the Head and Neck and the Deep [78]
    Lymph Vessels (Lymph Nodes) of the Trunk [80]
Blood and Defense Mechanisms [82]
  Blood [82]
    Origins of the Cells of the Blood and the Defense Systems [86]
    Blood and Defense Systems [88]
    Reticular Connective Tissue [88]
  Defense Systems [88]
    Non-Specific Defense System [88]
    Specific Defense System [88]
    Lymphatic Organs [92]
      Thymus [92]
      Microscopic Structure of the Thymus [94]
      Lymph Follicles [96]
      Lymph Nodes [96]
      Spleen [98]
      Fine Structure of the Spleen [100]
      Tonsils [102]
      Lymphatic Tissue of the Mucous Membranes [102]
Respiratory System [104]
  Nose [106]
    Nasal ConchaeandMeatus I [108]
    Nasal Sinuses and Meatus II [110]
    Posterior Nares (Choanae) and Soft Palate [112]
  Larynx [114]
    Skeleton of the Larynx [114]
    Laryngeal Ligaments [116]
    Muscles of the Larynx [118]
    Mucous Membrane of the Larynx [120]
    Glottis, Phonation [122]
    Position of the Larynx [124]
  Trachea and Bronchial Tree [126]
  Lungs [128]
    Root of the Lung and Base of the Heart [130]
    Division of the Bronchi, the Lobes and Segments of the Lung [132]
    Fine Structure of the Lung [134]
    Pleura [136]
    Borders of the Pleura and the Lungs [138]
    Mechanics of Respiration [140]
    Respiratory Dynamics [142]
    Pathological Changes in Lung Dynamics [142]
Glands [144]
Endocrine (Ductless) Glands [144]
  Formation and Release of Secretion (Incretion) [146]
  Arrangement of the Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal System [148]
  Hypothalamo-Neurophypophyseal System [150]
    Hypothalamus [150]
    Neurohypophysis [150]
  Hypophysis [150]
  Hypothalamo-Adenohypophyseal System [152]
    Hypothalamus [152]
    Median Eminence [152]
    Adenohypophysis [154]
  Epiphysis (Pineal Body) [156]
  Adrenal (Suprarenal) Glands [156]
    Adrenal Cortex [158]
    Adrenal Medulla [160]
  Paraganglia [160]
  Thyroid Gland [162]
  Parathyroid Glands [164]
  Islet Cell Organ of the Pancreas [164]
  Gonads as Endocrine Glands [166]
    Ovary as an Endocrine Gland [166]
    Testis as an Endocrine Gland [166]
Digestive System [168]
    Role of the Foregut in the Digestive System [168]
    Trunk Section of the Digestive System [168]
  Oral Cavity [170]
    Vestibule of the Oral Cavity [170]
    Oral Cavity Proper [172]
    Teeth [174]
      Structures Supporting the Teeth in Position [176]
      Permanent Teeth [178]
      Milk Teeth [178]
      Position and Movements of the Teeth Within the Dentition [180]
      Movement of the Dental Arches Against Each Other (Articulation) [182]
      Movements in the Mandibular Joint [182]
      Movements of the Footh Inside the Alveolus [182]
      Milk Teeth (Deciduous Teeth) [184]
      Eruption of the Teeth [184]
    Tongue [186]
    Palate [190]
  Salivary Glands [192]
    Large Salivary Glands [192]
    Fine Structure of the Salivary Glands [194]
  Pharynx (Throat) [196]
    Deglutition (Swallowing) [198]
  Esophagus [200]
    Esophagus and the Posterior Mediastinum [202]
  Stomach [204]
    Peritoneum [204]
    Muscle Layer of ]the Stomach [206]
    Gastric Mucosa [208]
  Small Intestine [210]
    Duodenum [210]
    Jejunum and lleum [210]
      Mucosa of the Small Intestine [212]
      Muscle Layerof the Small Intestine [214]
  Large Intestine [218]
    Cecum and the lleocecal Valve (Colic Valve) [220]
    Vermiform Appendix [222]
    Rectum [224]
  Liver [226]
    Fine Structure of the Liver [228]
    Bile Ducts and Gall Bladder [230]
    Pancreas [232]
    Greater and Lesser Omentum [234]
    Blood Vessels and Lymphatics of the Upper Abdominal Organs [234]
    Abdominal Cavity [236]
    Blood Vessels and Lymphatics of the Lower Abdominal Viscera [238]
    Portal Vein [242]
Urogenital System [244]
Urinary Organs [244]
  Kidneys [246]
  Section Through the Kidney [248]
  Blood Vessels of the Kidney [248]
  Fine Structure of the Kidney [250]
  Organs of the Urinary Tract [256]
    Renal Pelvis [256]
    Ureter [258]
    Urinary Bladder [260]
Genital Organs [264]
  Male Genital Organs [266]
    Testis and Epididymis [266]
    Ductus Deferens [272]
    Spermatic Cord, Scrotum and the Coverings of the Testis [274]
    Seminal Vesicles [276]
    Prostate [276]
    Semen [276]
    Penis [278]
    Male Urethra [280]
  Female Genital Organs [282]
    Ovary [284]
    Fallopian Tube [286]
    Uterus [288]
    Vagina [296]
    Blood Vessels of the Internal Genitalia in the Female [296]
    External Female Genitalia (the Vulva) and the Urethra [298]
  Pelvic Floor [300]
    Spaces of the Lesser Pelvis [306]
  Pregnancy [310]
    Childbirth [312]
    Fetal Circulation [318]
  Female Breast and Mammary Gland [320]
    Male Breast [320]
    Female Breast [322]
Skin [324]
  Layers of the Skin [326]
  Glands of the Skin [330]
  Hair [332]
  Nails [334]
  Skin as a Sense Organ [334]
Literature [336]
Index [348]
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