Conservations in the cognitive neurosciences

Автор(ы):Gazzaniga M. S.
Год изд.:1996
Описание: Science is hard work. It is also an endeavor that is inherendy cautious and measured. All too often what seems to be a clear answer to a problem in one context surfaces as a poor interpretation in another. Scientists know this and because of this fact they usually try to stay close to their data when discussing their results in scholarly publications. That is how it should be. At the same time, the stuff that drives scientists into their laboratories instead of onto the golf links is the passion to answer questions, hopefully important questions, about the nature of nature. Getting a fix on important questions and how to think about them from an experimental point of view is what scientists talk about, sometimes endlessly. It is those conversations that thrill and motivate. And yet, most of these exchanges are lost rather than being captured for the student.
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Preface [1]
1. Neurochemical [3]
2. Brain Imaging [15]
3. Attention [37]
4. Perceptual Processes [52]
5. Neurons and Memory [71]
6. Human Memory [90]
7. Evolutionary Perspectives [111]
8. Brain and Language [130]
9. Mental Imagery [155]
10. Qualia [175]
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