Strong feelings: emotion, addiction, and human behavior, изд. 2 (Elster J.)

Strong feelings: emotion, addiction, and human behavior, изд. 2

Автор(ы):Elster J.
Год изд.:2000
Описание: The present book is a revised and expanded version of the Jean Nicod Lectures that I gave in Paris in June 1997. It draws on two main sources. The first is work on the emotions that I began in 1985 and continued through the 1990s, resulting in the publication of Alchemies of the Mind in 1998. The discussion of emotions in chapter 2 and sections 4.2 and 5.2 below draws extensively on that treatment, while also refocusing it for the specific aims the author pursue here. The second is work on addiction that the author began in 1992. Although he have already published some articles on this topic, chapter 3 and sections 4.3 and 5.3 below provide a fuller and more general discussion. The book also owes much to our collaboration in the Working Group on Intertemporal Choice, supported by the Russell Sage Foundation.
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Preface and Acknowledgements [xi]
1 Introduction [1]
2 Emotion [13]
3 Addiction [51]
4 Culture, Emotion, and Addiction [85]
5 Choice, Emotion, and Addiction [135]
6 Conclusion [192]
Notes [207]
References [229]
Index [246]
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