Breakthroughs in mathematics

Автор(ы):Wolff Peter
Год изд.:1963
Описание: «The nine mathematicians whose works are represented in the following pages are among the most famous in the whole history of mathematics. Each of them made a significant contribution to the science—a contribution which changed the succeeding course of the development of mathematics. That is why we have called this book Breakthroughs in Mathematics. Just as surely as there are technological breakthroughs which change our way of living, so are there breakthroughs in the pure sciences which have such an impact that they affect all succeeding thought. Breakthroughs in Mathematics is not a textbook. It does not aim at the kind of completeness that a textbook possesses. Rather it aims to supplement what a textbook does by presenting to the reader something he cannot easily obtain elsewhere: excerpts from the words of mathematical pioneers themselves. Most people with any pretense to an education have heard the names of Euclid, Descartes, and Russell, but few have read their works. With this little book we hope to close that gap and enable a reader not merely to read about these men and to be told that they are famous, but also to read their works and to judge for himself why and whether they are justly famous.»
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  CHAPTER ONE Euclid—The Beginnings of Geometry [15]
  CHAPTER TWO Lobachevski—Non-Euclidean Geometry [63]
  CHAPTER THREE Descartes—Geometry and Algebra Joined [96]
  CHAPTER FOUR Archimedes—Numbers and Counting [113]
  CHAPTER FIVE Dedekind—Irrational Numbers [138]
  CHAPTER SIX Russell—The Definition of Number [161]
  CHAPTER SEVEN Euler—A New Branch of Mathematics: Topology [197]
  CHAPTER EIGHT Laplace—The Theory of Probability [218]
  CHAPTER NINE Boole—Algebra and Logic Joined [242]
INDEX [279]
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