Chaos Theory Tamed

Автор(ы):Williams P. Garnett
Год изд.:1997
Описание: In this book, I assume no prior knowledge of chaos, on your part. Although chaos covers a broad range of topics, I try to discuss only the most important ones. I present them hierarchically. Introductory background perspective takes up the first two chapters. Then come seven chapters consisting of selected important material (an auxiliary toolkit) from various fields. Those chapters provide what I think is a good and necessary foundation—one that can be arduous and time consuming to get from other sources. Basic and simple chaos-related concepts follow. They, in turn, are prerequisites for the slightly more advanced concepts that make up the later chapters. (That progression means, in turn, that some chapters are on a very simple level, others on a more advanced level.) In general, I try to present a plain-vanilla treatment, with emphasis on the idealized case of low-dimensional, noise-free chaos. That case is indispensable for an introduction. Some real-world data, in contrast, often require sophisticated and as-yet-developing methods of analysis.
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