A logical journey

Автор(ы):Wang H.
Год изд.:1988
Описание: By author: «In this book I propose to discuss Kurt Godel's philosophical views within the context of my own conception of the mansion of philosophy and its many rooms. Beginning with the actual discussions between Godel and me, I have broadened the meaning of conversations to include the interplay between my continual reflections and the available relevant material by and about Godel. In this way, I hope to attain a coherent understanding of his life and thought within the framework of my own evolving perspective, reconstituting and completing the actual discussions between us so as to bring out their implications. It is therefore obvious that this project has become an integral part of my own ongoing pursuit of a comprehensive view of things. This book is a continuation of my Reflections on Kurt Godel, which I completed in June of 1986 and published in 1987.»
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