Hopf Algebras (Moss E. Svedler)

Hopf Algebras

Автор(ы):Moss E. Svedler
Год изд.:1969
Описание: These are notes from a course given in the spring of I968 at Cornell University. They are meant to be accessible to anyone who has had the standard first year graduate algebra course. The notes provide a background that will enable the reader to understand much of the current work with Hopf algebras. Several sections of the notes deal with applications of Hopf algebras to other areas of algebra. The mathematics contained herein was developed by many people. In the body of the notes the author has not attempted to assign credit for particular results.
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Table of Contents
Conventions [1]
Chapter I Elementary Coalgebra Theory [3]
Chapter II Comodule Structure Theory [29]
Chapter III Bialgebras [49]
Chapter IV Hopf Algebras [69]
Chapter V Integrals [91]
Chapter VI ( )° [109]
Chapter VII Measuring and the Smash Product [137]
Chapter VIII The Structure of Coalgebras (i) [157]
Chapter IX The Wedge [179]
Chapter X Galois Theory 199 Chapter XI Structure of (Pointed Irreducible)
Coalgebras (il) [217]
Chapter XII The Shuffle Algebra [243]
Chapter XIII The Structure of Hopf Algebras [273]
Chapter XIV Co-Semi-Simple. Coalgebras [287]
Chapter XV Affine Algebraic Groups [297]
Chapter XVI The Category of Finite Dimensional Commutative, Cocommuta-
tive Hopf Algebras [303]
Appendix I Linear Algebra [317]
Appendix II Lie Algebras [323]
Appendix III The Symmetric Algebra [327]
Table of Notation [329]
Index [331]
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