The A to Z Mathematics

Автор(ы):Sidebotham Tomas H.
Год изд.:2002
Описание: This book is written in an appropriate language for explaining basic mathematics to the general reader, and uses examples drawn from everyday life. There are many worked examples with detailed steps of working. Each step of working is accompanied by an explanation. It is this process of showing HOW and explaining WHY that gives this book its unique style. Those mathematical abbreviations that often frustrate readers are written in full and the text is "user-friendly." For quick reference the format of the book is alphabetical, and it covers topics in basic mathematics. They are linked together with cross-references so that a theme can be followed through. This book is a great deal more than a dictionary. Under each entry there is a straightforward explanation of the term, followed in many cases by carefully worked examples, showing the relevance of mathematics in the world around us. At the end of some entries the reader is directed to other references in the book if some prior knowledge is needed. The mathematics is reliable and up to date, and encompasses a wide range of topics so that everyone will find something of interest.
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A [1]
В [48]
С [63]
D [145]
E [167]
F [197]
G [214]
H [234]
I [245]
К [269]
L [272]
M [281]
N [296]
О [306]
P [314]
Q [358]
R [371]
S [399]
T [433]
u [463]
V [464]
w [471]
X [472]
Y [473]
Z [474]
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