Abstract Theory of Groups

Автор(ы):Shmidt O. U.
Год изд.:1966
Описание: «The first edition of this work appeared in 1916 under the auspices of Kiev University. At that time there were few books on the theory of groups, a relatively new branch of mathematics. There was only one comprehensive treatise — W. Burnside's magnificent Theory of Groups of Finite Order. My book grew out of the work in a seminar of Professor (now Academician) D. A. Grave, my teacher, to whom I shall always be grateful for this stimulus. Published in a small number of copies, the book was soon sold out. Meanwhile, the October Revolution led to an unprecedented growth of scholarly work in this country and to a tremendous increase in the number of persons studying mathematics. The theory of groups itself, which had already been applied in almost all branches of mathematics (particularly in algebra), became from that time onward an indispensable tool in topology and even in theoretical physics (quantum mechanics). It became of prime importance in many mathematical disciplines.» - O. Schmidt.
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1 The Definition of a Group [1]
2 Simplest Properties [9]
3 Conjugation and Invariance [26]
4 Homomorphism and Automorphism [47]
5 The Theory of Finite Groups [58]
6 Fundamental Theorems [73]
7 Abelian Groups and Direct Products [90]
8 Groups of Order p and Their Direct Products [109]
9 The Theory of Characters [126]
10 Further Properties and Applications of Characters [148]
    References [168]
    Special Symbols [170]
    Name Index [171]
    Subject Index [172]
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