Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics, изд. 2

Автор(ы):Mathematical Society of Japan
Год изд.:1993
Описание: The Mathematical Society of Japan takes pleasure in presenting this second edition of our Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics to every researcher and user of mathematics. It is intended to be a compact, up-to-date source of information comprising, as completely as possible, all significant results in all fields of our Science, pure and applied, from the elementary to the advanced level. The success of the first edition owed much to the kind assistance given by the American Mathematical Society. As described in the preface, the members of our Society have taken responsibility for compiling this new edition. We hope that it will be as useful to the mathematicians of today as the first edition was to the mathematicians of yesterday. We also hope that this edition will be followed in years to come by subsequent ones incorporating the future development of our Science.
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Forewords [vii]
Prefaces [ix]
Introduction [xix]
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics
Appendix A. Tables of Formulas [1421]
Appendix B. Numerical Tables [1820]
Statistical Tables for Reference [1837]
Numerical Tables for Reference [1838]
Journals 1840 Publishers [1848]
Special Notation [1850]
Systematic List of Articles [1857]
Alphabetical List of Articles [1863]
Contributors [1867]
Translators [1873]
Name Index [1875]
Subject Index [1917]
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